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      "Yes, that is she; glad to see you back, Missy," said the General, patting the cow on the back. "Take her back and give her a good feed, if you can find it, for probably she's pretty hungry."

      He found Billings, all unconscious of the impending storm, dealing out wrath on those who were hauled before him.Larry stared. Then he nodded and grew very thoughtful.

      "Can't say that I do," answered Billings, pretending to examine them while he could recover his wits sufficiently for a fine of defense.

      He would still keep her, yes. But he did not see that it would be in the least necessary to tell his wife the whole of the woman's iniquity. It took quite all his courage, after they had gotten her safely in bed, to remind her that this was the same woman who had gone off with the Mexican.

      accordingly. You will take poor Pettibone's place, and

      "What in the world's the matter?" asked Si, rushing up to them in dismay.


      "Goin' to be a full attendance at the services this evenin'," he muttered to himself. "But the more the merrier. It'll insure a goodly number at the mourner's bench when we make the call for the unconverted."But the shrinking of metal had made intermittent noises, sharp and not repeated.


      "What did I do? The same as he done unto me. Let the air into his sombrero." He told them that he was studying the flora of the country, and travelling quite alone, with an Indian pony, a pack-mule, and a doga prospector's outfit, in short.