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      "Yes, Mayne, get your shawl. Mrs. Disney will wear it, I know."

      Those willows on the bank had recalled Goethe's "Erl K?nig"the ballad she had learnt by rote in her earliest German studiesand the willows and the ballad were interwoven with her dreams. It was Martin Disney who was riding his charger along a dark road, and she was sitting in front of his saddle, clinging to him, hiding her face upon his breast, and the willows were beckoningshe knew those gaunt arms were beckoning to her, although her eyes were hiddenand he was following. He was thundering behind them, on a black horse. Yes, and then the dream changedthe dreamer's wandering thoughts directed by another reminiscence of those girlish studies in German poetry. She was Lenore, and she was in the arms of her dead lover. She felt that bony armDeath's armclutching her round the waist. Her streaming hair mingled with the streaming[Pg 57] mane of that unearthly horse. She was with Lostwithielin his armsand they were both dead and both happyhappy in being together. What did they want more than that?

      As he drew near, the sun was sending long, slanting beams of ruddy light athwart the amphitheatre, and dyeing the polished oak-leaves in rich tints of gold and orange. He quickened his steps, the sooner to reach the point whence sunset-splendors were to be seen to the best advantage; and upon which he had taken occasion to construct a low, rustic seat."And I," said his aunt, laughing, "have still a great deal to ask about yourself. Good night."

      Tim, the fox-terrier, and Shah, the Persian cat, were both on the lawn with their mistress this morning. They were not friendly towards each other, but preserved an armed neutrality. Tim chased every stray strange cat with a fury that threatened annihilation; and he always looked as if he would like to give chase to Shah, when that dignified piece of fluff moved slowly across the lawn before him with uplifted tail that seemed to wave defiance; but he knew that any attack upon that valued personage would entail punishment and disgrace. Isola loved both these animalsthe cat a wedding-present from an old Breton lady in Dinan, the terrier her husband's parting legacy. "Take care of Tim," he had said, the day they parted on board the steamer at Venice.

      "You won't keep us waiting in the cloak-room, will you, dear Mrs. Disney?" they pleaded coaxingly.

      "How lovely it all is after Cavendish Road!" cried Allegra, rapturously. "When I see the lights and shadows upon those hills, I despair of ever being able to paint a landscape as long as I live. Nature is maddeningly beautiful."



      Bergan hesitated; it was easy to see that the plan did not commend itself to his taste.


      She went off into the wood, and presently returned with his horse. He thanked her warmly and gratefully.